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Post  Kaze on Mon Jan 07, 2008 6:21 pm

Known as: Aiden, Addy, Aid
Real Name: Aiden Engelbert
Age: 22
Nationality: German
Spoken Language: German, Japanese, English
Height: 185cm; 6'1''
Orientation: Bisexual
Occupation: Piercings/Tattoo shop attendant (does piercings, and occasionally tattoos)

Image description:
- Mid-length long maroon hair streaked black, reaches shoulders
- Orange eyes

- Tongue piercing
- 3 piercings on right ear
- 2 piercings on left ear
- Labaret piercing
- Nose bridge piercing

Family Background:
- Born in Germany and was raised there till 6 years old
- Single mom (divorced), only child
- Was said to have abusive dad but no one really knows for sure (Aiden doesn't speak about it)
- Mom and Aiden moved to Japan after divorce (Aiden was 6)
- Mom allowed freedom once finished high school

Misc Info:
- Lover (?): Jeremy Edelstein aka Gem
- Versatile, but prefers being the passive
- Very clueless & stoned/dazed, and has difficulty socialising
- Residing in Japan since young
- Smoker, social drinker
- Best buddy of Gail
- Is patient, especially to Gem
- Hardly expresses himself verberally and facially

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