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  • Huginn and Muninn (male female twins who are highly skilled combatants; assassins)
    Ketilhǫss (a young mercenary swordsman who is infatuated with Huginn; Hvthǫfi's older brother)
    Hvthǫfi (a younger archer who looks up to his older brother Ketilhǫss)
    Blr (an enthusiastic bard and also skilled pickpocket)

- Huginn (name meaning: thought, spirit) - older male twin, more withdrawn but is protective of his sister; more skillful and inflicts more damage, prefers to use shadow and concealment magic [lawful neutral]
- Muninn (name meaning: mind, will, memory) - younger female twin, more open with her emotions but also has a facade of her own; lighter on her feet, prefers to weaken enemies with magic and goes for critical strikes [chaotic neutral]

Originally named Hjki and Bil, they were orphans who were raised by a mysterious man named Odinn. The man disappeared after teaching them the ways of combat and magic. They were taken in by the man at age 8 and were left to themselves at 18. They had went on with their own lives until the current story, 5 years after Odinn's disappearance. They became infamously known as feared assassins, taking on jobs as hired blades or mercenaries.

Hjki and Bil had no memory of their past before they were taken in by Odinn. They only knew their names, and flashes of a bleak night sky, blood and faceless bodies, but since Odinn took them under his wing, he gave them new names, Huginn for Hjki and Muninn for Bil. Only the twins and Odinn knew of their former names.

- Ketilhǫss (ketill: helmet hoss: grey; 'Grey Helmet') [lawful good]
- Hvthǫfi (hvt: white hǫfi: head; 'White Head') [lawful good]
- Blr ('blackish blue; wind gust, gentle breeze') [chaotic good]

  • Frbauti (wandering warrior seeking purpose out of his cursed life)
    Yrja (a healer who specializes in water magick; Blr's lover)
    Gangleri (a mysterious, unusually wise bard who quietly tells stories)

- Frbauti ('cruel/mad striker') - cursed by Runa and almost driven mad; he stays away from others to hide his secret, until he meets Muninn whom he sees something similar between them. He finds new purpose as he falls in love with her. [neutral]
- Yrja ('drizzling rain') - ironically rather cynical despite his profession, he sticks to his lover and only acts in his favour. Due to his effeminate features, he is prone to be harassed but is more than able to take care of himself with his magick. [lawful neutral]
- Gangleri ('the one tired from walking') - with flaming red hair and bright, orange eyes, his appearance is a large contrast to his dim persona; he does not speak much but his eyes observe silently. When he does speak, he speaks of wisdom and of old tales and of the gods. He knows the truth about Afridr. [neutral]

  • Migarsormr (a bare fisted fighter who lusts for a challenge)
    Rna (a sorceress who worships and is chosen by Hel)

- Migarsormr ('world serpent') - more commonly known as Ormr. He is attractive and seductive, with a way with words and hands. Yet, he is also vicious like a venomous serpent and strikes quietly. He lusts for a strong opponent who can match to his power, ripping apart those who think they can. [neutral evil]
- Rna ('secret, magic') - a dark mage who is extremely devout to Hel. She uses blood magic and can be cruel, appearing almost deranged. Her mind is twisted due to her past, to the point that even Hel disapproves of her acts aimes. [chaotic evil]


  • Jr (sun and earth goddess; Hr himnarnir & Mennheim)
    frr (an adopted child of the Royal family who is made to take the throne; Mennheim)

- Jr ('earth') - quiet but stern, doesn't speak much, has an aura of wisdom [neutral good]
- frr ('all beautiful') - originally named as Ljta; lost daughter of Jord & Dagr [lawful good]

  • Mni (the Highest Being, but is mainly the goddess of the Moon & Sky; Hr himnarnir, Mennheim, Spegillheim & Daugarur )
    Dagr (god of light and day; Hr himnarnir & Mennheim)

- Mni ('moon') - As the Highest Being, Mani is the most powerful of all the gods. She oversees all, but favours over those that interest her. Generally she appears as an elegant woman, but at times she takes the form of a man. Though she gives life, she is more associated with Death, leaving the matters of the dead to Hel instead. Despite her role, she appears as selfish and manipulative, condescending. [chaotic neutral]
- Dagr ('day') - The husband of Jord. He has 2 personas one of Fury, 'Odinn', the other as the shining one, 'Dellingr'. He is the one who raised Huginn and Muninn as his 'eyes' to make up for his one damaged eye. Soldiers and warriors worship and honour him for strength and guidance. A cult of berserkers exist under his name. He is still missing. [chaotic good/lawful neutral]

  • Ntt (god of darkness and night; Spegillheim & Daugarur)
    Hel (goddess of the dead; Daugarur)

- Ntt ('night') - slighter build, almost playful in his actions, uses dark magic mostly of illusions and demons. Wants to bring upon Ragnarok; was responsible in taking frr from her cradle, along with Hel. [neutral evil - chaotic evil]
- Hel ('death') - Hel is lonely, being the only one to reside away from the other gods. Nott and Mani are the only ones who ever venture to Daugarur. Mani pays her little attention, while Nott shows interest in her realm and the dead. Hel eventually fell in love with Nott as she admires him during his visits. [lawful evil]

They were the ones who created the universe.
Mni had adopted two human children, a boy and a girl, who followed her around when she descended onto Earth a long time ago. She brought them to the heavens where they lived for a while until something happened, and they were thrown back to Earth.
Jr bore a child with Dagr and named her Ljta. She was taken by Hel, who despised the earth and sun goddess, and hid the child away on Earth, placing a curse on her.

Antagonists' aim:


  • Huginn & Muninn: Names of Odinn's ravens
    Frbauti: Loki's jotunn father
    Odinn: The All-Father, Fury
    Mni: personification of the moon, followed by the children Hjuki & Bil through the heavens (originally male)
    Jr: female jotunn, mother of Thor
    Ntt: personification of Night, third marriage to Dellingr, daughter of Nrvi (originally female)
    Dagr: personification of Day, son of Nott and Dellingr
    Dellingr: possibly father of Dagr, husband of Jord or Nott
    Hel: daughter of Loki, presides of death realm
    Ljta: typical name of giantesses; meaning 'shining, bright'
    Gangleri: an alias of Gyfli, mythical King of Sweden and sea king/giant
    Migarsormr: better known as Jormungandr, a serpent monster and son of Loki

Themes: nordic, celtic + contemporary, victorian styles + skyrim/Vikings/Ragnarok:into the abyss armour

Dagr and Ntt, Mni and Jr costume:
- http://www.history.com/shows/vikings/articles/vikings
- http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Armor_(Skyrim)
- http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Armourhttps://imgur.com/a/RlxyY?gallery
Huginn and Muninn costume: tyrael (diablo 3), light armour, assassin's creed, whalers (Dishonored)

Countries: Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark

Colours and themes for each character:
・ Huginn & Muninn: raven and moon motifs, assassin garb, black and red
・ Mni: moon and stars, clouds, water, crystals, feathers and scales, blue and grey-silver
・ Jr: sun, flora, precious stones and rocks, furs and horns, green and gold and browns
・ Ntt: cloaks, stars, thief/magic class, scales and feathers, purples and dark reds and blues
・ Dagr: sun, light rays, celtic or anglo-saxon, soldier knight class, white and gold and orange (possibly some rainbow variation)

Skyrim armour sets references:
Mni: glass, elven, nightingale, cleric, dragonscale, daedric
Jr: bandit, saviors hide, steel, stormcloak officer, leather, nordic carved, wolf, ahzidal
Ntt: blackguard, steelplate, razor scale, cleric, dawnguard, light ancient falmer
Dagr: ebony, daedric, nord plate, bandit, orcish, stormcloak officer, cultist, wolf
Huginn & Muninn: nightingale, blackguard/linwe, leather, morag tong

Aesir (Gods)
Menn (Humans)
Dracul (Dragons)
Speglun (Mirror demons)


There are four worlds/dimensions:
・ Hr himnarnir [high heavens; paradise, residence of the gods]
・ Mennheim [land of men and mortal beings giants, elves, dragons etc]
・ Spegillheim [mirror world; land of the supernatural ie demons, tricksters and elementals]
・ Daugarur [dead garden; land of the dead ghosts, the undead, home of Yggdrasill]

Beings of each world are unable to cross over and/or meddle with other worlds with some exceptions. Mennheim and Spegillheim are closely linked due to mirrors. Mirrors play a powerful role in these worlds. Gods look over all realms, with each god looking over their own. They gifted Spegillheim with knowledge, and that knowledge spilled over to Mennheim, but only some humans can do magick.

Magick works using mirrors or the mirror world as a conduit. Thus spells work with the use of mirrors or reflective surfaces. Higher level magick users merely need to use lateral inversion, writing runes or reading out spells in laterally inverted order.

Demons and other supernatural beings cross over to Mennheim using mirrors as portals. However, unless said being is very powerful, the mirror used as a portal needs to be magickally charged. Most reflections are actually tricksters behind the glass but cannot cross over. So often times humans have warped perceptions of themselves.

- fantasy, contemporary + traces of medieval themes; nordic, celtic themes
- includes skyscrapers but also cottages; modern cities and old villages; depends on the area and government
- forest, stark white dimension/plane (or rocky terrain)

Binding & decimating demon spell
I bind thee demon, from harming others. The jailor's cage has been set up by the ruling fathers. Banished to a world where you shall rot, doing others more harm you shall not.
Ton llahs uoy mrah erom srehto gniod, tor llahs uoy erehw dlrow a ot dehsinab. Srethaf gnilur eht yb pu tes neeb sah egac s'roliaj eht. Srehto gnimrah mrof nomed eeht dnib i.

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