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Post  Kaze on Fri Jan 04, 2008 11:49 pm

Known as: Kaze
Penname: Usually KamiKaze43v3r, but just call me Kaz
Age: 16
Gender: Up to you to decide/find out through my posts
Orientation: Straight, but I wouldn't mind screwing a pretty guy~
Interests: Metal/Heavy rock music, animanga, yaoi, bishies, animals, visual kei scene + heavy jrock

I am a thorougly obsessed fanboy.
Especially when it comes to yaoi or a character I love.
I usually prefer anime guys over real ones but still, it's also hard to reject the real ones :B
Extreme music lover - I can't live without a dose of good rock music!!
I hate poseurs - Do not be what you are not. Don't even try.
Am a proud supporter of the rainbow people~ <3
Versatile, but loves to be the sadistic seme if possible Twisted Evil

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Age : 27
Location : drowning in yaoi smut fics

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