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Post  Kaze on Tue Jan 15, 2008 12:37 am

Hi hi~! I shall now tell you the purpose of this thread which is stupidly named as 'Random Crack' for what it is - random crack stories of our original characters!

Ok, here's the deal and listen carefully. In this thread:
- Anyone, creator or not of the characters, may write random events (eg. they hold a party, went to a gig, slumber party lol etc) of the characters.
- Just make sure they're somehow funny? Random serious fics would be a spoiler to the atmosphere, don't you think? It is random crack after all.
- Fluff (but not too fluffy) is welcomed, and so can be the events (like dates or something).
- Crossovers are wanted! Like, Yami's characters with Kaze's.
- AU (Alternate Universe) is fine too ^^
- Bondage is much appreciated *drools*
- Smut may or may not be included, as it all depends on your random crack~

Ok, I think that's all <3

On with the crack? x3

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Random Crack Empty ~Drinking Party~

Post  Kaze on Tue Jan 15, 2008 1:31 am

Characters: Aiden, Gail, Gem, Rayne
Rating: Teen, NC16 for swearing from beloved Gail & Gem =3 and implied sex ^^

"Drink up, Gem! Don't tell me you can't hold up against just 2 bottles of beer?" Gail mocked as he gulped down on another mug with a victorious smirk.

"Shut up, fuckface! I was just getting started!" the albino snarled, his red eyes glaring into deep blue ones. He pured another mug for himself and gulped it down as well.

"Come on, guys, it's just a minor drinking party... And not to mention you're drinking at my place," Rayne tried to calm the duo, helplessly looking at Aiden, who was sitting quietly with his usual dazed expression, for help.

"...Gem, stop," Aiden said softly. Rayne almost sighed in exasperation at the help he got. Gem ignored the stoner and continued to compete with Gail in their drinking session. Rayne sighed again in defeat and invited Aiden into another room for their own chit chat while the semes spend their own seme time (lol).

-After 6 bottles of beer-

"Holy shit, you guys!!!" Rayne exclaimed, his cyan eyes widened in shock at the mess the two rivals had. The emptied bottles of beer lay scattered on both the table and floor. The two were already barely conscious, and their faces were a deep shade of red. Obviously they were too drunk to even answer. Rayne looked over to Aiden for an answer, who merely shrugged. "Crap, you guys are soooo going to clean this shit up." Rayne kicked Gail awake, who looked up at him lazily.


"Don't 'hnn' me, asshole! Clean this mess up! It's my place you're dirtying!!" Rayne shouted angrily.

"...Tell that to Mr Albino there," Gail slurred, lazily pointing to the sleeping teen across him.

"I'll do it," Aiden chipped in unexpectedly, with an even more unexpected smirk. Rayne looked at him weirdly. Did he just see an evil smirk? From the all-too-famous stoner?

Anyways, Aiden stood beside the sleeping form of Gem, who continued to snore blissfully. Then with a grin, Aiden raised a leg and swung it across Gem's face. Hard.

"Nice," both Rayne and Gail commented. Aiden gave another rare smirk which had victory written all over it.

"Motherfucker!!" Gem cursed loudly, rubbing on his jaw with blood trailing from his nose. He glared at everyone else in the room. "The fucking hell is wrong with you people?! Who the fuck did it, goddammit!!" Gem continued to curse, looking up to Aiden whom the two was pointing at. Aiden gave him his stoned expression. "What the hell is wrong with you?!!"

"Clean up. Rayne's place. Your mess," Aiden mumbled, pointing at the bottles.

"Jesus, that fuckface could've done it," Gem growled but got up to do it anyway (he could never refuse Aiden lol) and somehow managed to force Gail into helping him (Gem muttered into Gail's ear out of the other's earshot: "Help me & I'll get you a bondage kit for you & Rayne."). The two were still very much drunk, and did their job sloppily, but at least they managed to clean up.

"Okay, thank you! Now you can go back to sleep, drunken headz," Rayne waved them off.

"Rayne, you're not mad are you~?" Gail asked with a sickening sweet tone, with a distinctive slur. Yep, still drunk. He nuzzled lazily at Rayne's neck and Rayne could still smell the alcohol in his breath. Very drunk.

"Get off, go back to sleep," Rayne grumbled and pushed his lover off. Gail pouted and clung onto him harder. And somehow deliberately made that unusually large collar of his tee shirt slip off of one of his shoulders, revealing the very enticing and built shoulder and defined collarbone. Oooh, Rayne had a weakness for that. "...Fine, I'm not mad. Let's go to bed." Gail smirked and let Rayne drag him into the bedroom, closed the door and locked it. A few moments later both Aiden and Gem could hear them moaning and groaning from the room.

"Urgh, I'm wide awake now. How the fuck can I sleep with them making that much noise?" Gem complained angrily, but his tone was gentler now. He wasn't that drunk now, Aiden knew; Gem had always been one to recover the fastest from being drunk or hang overs. Aiden nodded quietly. And the silence between them continued for a moment, the moaning and groaning seemingly echoing throughout the apartment. Frankly, the noises were quite a turn on - both Gem and Aiden agree to that. Then Gem finally spoke over their friends' noise, "Wanna fuck?"

Aiden gave a small yet almost feral smile, "Yeah."

Huhuhu... Implied sex is the best I can do for now~ Further more, there's enough buttsecks in the original story for Rayne & Gail if you wanna know the details of what they did in the room xD Oh, and hopefully I didn't make Gem OOC, Yami-chan! If I did, I'm soooo sorry. Will edit it if you prompt me on it ^^

Hope you enjoyed~!

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Random Crack Empty ~High School Days~

Post  Kaze on Thu Jan 17, 2008 7:12 pm

Characters: Gail, Rayne
Rating: M for smut, yay!
Warnings: Um, semi-AU - in real story, Rayne and Gail never met in high school or whenever before the time they met in Rayne's shop. So... think of this as the original fanfiction by the author himself ^^

Note: Rayne is 16, 2nd year in high school (11th grader!) in this and Gail is 18, 3rd year in high school (12th grader!). School uniform is the traditional high-collared black long sleeved button up top. Rayne's hair only reaches his shoulders at this age.

Rayne is a loner in high school. He withdrew himself from most social events, and also the guys hardly make contact with him. Most likely because they found him too pretty - uncannily pretty that anyone, even the teachers and the principal would mistook him for a girl, if not for the male school uniform he wore. Somehow, the principal allowed him to keep his hair long as well, when Rayne appealed for it. Girls, however were all over him. Some admired his beauty, while others were disgusted or envied it. Either way, Rayne preferred to isolate himself. He was also hiding a secret as well, that he knew many would hate him and be disgusted by it.

Now in his 2rd year of high school, Rayne is fully aware of his sexual preference. And he had a crush on one of his seniors. And fortunately, that senior of his was very friendly, comforting and open-minded. Which helped Rayne in confessing his feelings to his senior much easier than expected. Rayne had confessed at the end of his 1st year, and his senior, Gail, first laughed at his confession. Rayne almost broke down in embarrassment, but when Gail held him gently and whispered reassuring words into his ear, Rayne felt so much alive. Furthurmore, his senior had reciprocating feelings towards him!

Rayne smiled to himself at the thought. He waited patiently in the empty classroom for his senior to end his after-school activities. Rayne sat at the seat by the window, looking down at the school grounds. It was reaching late afternoon, and most of the after-school activities had ended, and Gail should be here any moment. And true enough, he heard the classroom door slide open.

"Hey, did you wait long?" Gail asked. Rayne looked at him with a smile. Gail was in the school's physical education t-shirt, his long fringe sticking to his forehead from the sweat. Rayne thought he looked absolutely delicious with him glistening in the sunlight from all that sweat. Gail was an active sports member, and it only made him more appealing to Rayne. Rayne finally answered his senior's question with a shake of his head. "Hehe, looks like I should cool down for a while." Gail wiped himself with a towel and Rayne continued to watch him. "Ehh... I think I stink. I don't think we should do it for now. You'll be disgusted from all my sweat and stink," Gail said, laughing. Rayne laughed with him. Truely, he never felt so blissfully happy with anyone else.

"I don't mind," Rayne said as he stood up and walked over to the teacher's table pretending to be looking at the random things on it, while he bent down slightly, suggestively showing his ass to the other.

"Oh really?" Gail asked, his voice having a tint of mischief. Seems like it's working... Rayne smirked and turned to sit on top of the teacher's table, spreading his legs in an enticing position that made Gail stare at every inch of him. Rayne had earlier unbuttoned the first few buttons of his uniform, revealing his defined collarbone.

"Yeah, I think so," Rayne grinned. With that Gail stood up and walked briskly to Rayne, lunging for those lips and engulfing them hungrily, tongue over tongue, sliding and battling each other for dominance.

"Hmmm... maybe I should teach you a few lessons of my own?" Gail suggested naughtily with his devilish smirk.

"Please do, senpai... Teach me all you can," Rayne invited as he closed his lips over Gail's again while they both removed their pants.

Heck, this would be the best lesson Rayne'll ever have in high school.

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Random Crack Empty Relationships are the funniest things

Post  Kaze on Thu Jan 24, 2008 11:00 pm

Characters: Rayne, Gail, Addy, Gem
Rating: T for excessive swearing from our beloved semes

"ADDY!!!" the familiar voice of Gail cried, as the crazy headbanger ran into Gem's apartment in search of Aiden. Gem looked completely taken aback by the intrusion of the panicked man, who was searching desperately for the stoner. "Where is he?!!"

"The fucking hell is wrong with you barging into my place like this!!" Gem yelled back. "...Addy's at the back." Gail ran to the back of the apartment to find his best friend bending over the refrigerator.

"ADDY!!!" Gail cried again as he glomped his dazed friend, stumbling over the floor.

"STOP YELLING!!" Gem exclaimed angrily as he approached the kitchen where he found the crazed blue-eyed metal fan sprawled on top of Aiden, face buried in Aiden's chest and arms wrapped tightly around the dazed one's torso. Gem felt a nerve twitch. "Get the fuck off him!!" Gem yelled, kicking his fellow seme.

"NOOOO!!! I NEED COMFORT!!!" Gail cried, almost literally as he held onto Aiden tighter.

"What's up?" Aiden asked, his voice as soft as usual. Gail looked up to his best friend with almost teary eyes.

"R-Rayne's mad at m-me!" Gail choked, as he wailed into Aiden's chest. His best friend patted him gently on the head and Gem clicked his tongue at the sight furiously.

"Why?" Aiden asked again. This time Gail hesitated before answering. He released his hold on Aiden and sat properly in front of him.

"C-Cause... Rayne thought I was hitting on some chick..." Gail mumbled with his head bowed like a guilty child convicted of misbehaviour.

"Pfft, loser," Gem muttered and suppressed a snicker at the state of his friend. Aiden shot a (dazed/stoned) glare at the tallest one, effectively shutting him up.

"He's been avoiding me for almost 2 days!!" Gail wailed again, tugging on Aiden's shirt and weeping into it. Aiden patted his friend's back as a sign of comfort. He sighed; Gail would always come to this state when his relationship with Rayne got into some trouble. "I'M DEPRIVED OF GOOD BUTTSECKS!!" Gail wailed again, this time louder and sobbing harder on Aiden. Aiden sighed again. Then again, it might be good for Gail to be separated with Rayne for a moment. The two fucked a little too much to Addy, not that he had anything to complain about but seriously, the two screwed like bunnies. Though he had never seen Gail happier but still.

"Jeez, go screw some other guys like Ryuu does," Gem chipped in, sipping at his beer. Gail shot a weak glare at him.

"I'm filial to the one I love, fucktard. Not like you, who swaps women every few months," Gail snapped back.

"The fuck?! Don't pull me in to your mess, fuckface!!"

"Then don't impose your words into other people's conversations, douche bag!!!"

"You're the one who barged into my place screaming for Addy!!"

"So?!! It doesn't mean you're involved!!"

"You're in my place, my rules, if you didn't notice that, fucktard!!"

The two continued to bicker and hurl expletives at each other and Aiden sighed again. He got up and resumed his search for milk in the fridge and let the two continue their friendly conversation and que cera cera, as they say.

After the day Gail came screaming in to Gem's apartment for Addy, the couple had made up. Aiden found it amazing, that the two could actually squabble and sulk over the smallest things, make a huge fuss of it from either side, and then make up and fuck each other again. Well, Aiden could see that they were truely, deeply in love with each other, but their childishness seems to make it difficult for them to get that.

Well, whatever. Aiden has his own share of problems to think about.

"What?" Gem snapped, noticing Addy staring at him. Though Gem is used to Aiden's constant stoic expression, he found it unnerving when he stared at him with said expression.

"Nothin'," Addy replied and looked away. Really, his own problems are far much worse than Rayne & Gail's.

Eh... A short, random one. And... There's no crack in this... Not even funny at all. Similarly for previous post (it's just slight smut). I'm so going against the rules xD But mehh! Just wanted to type some random thing out. Hope it's okay~[b]

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