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Post  Kaze on Tue Jan 15, 2008 12:12 am

Yes, my lovely fluffy yet kinky and sexy couple - Rayne & Gail~ <3

*Ahem* Anyways, in this thread, there'll be sketches & drawings/linearts of this couple :3 & please note that:
1. These are all drawn by ME, Kaze or KamiKaze43v3r.
2. Do not steal? I doubt anyone would but if there is, then don't.
3. Credit if used. PLEASE. Or better yet, i should just say it's a must.
4. And yes, they do belong to ME, bitches.
5. I apologize for the largeness of the pics ^^;

And as for the moment, here's a couple of them ^^

Rayne & Gail Rayneg10
Yesh, i lined it. And is currently trying to color it, but i am a phailure, so don't hope on it too much ;_;

Rayne & Gail Rayneg11
Fluffeh lurve~~~ This is one of my favourites... They're just so cute~!!

Yep, a couple of their couple drawings. <3

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