Against the Storm : Story of Rayne & Gail

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Against the Storm : Story of Rayne & Gail Empty Against the Storm : Story of Rayne & Gail

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Chapter 1 :: Rain

Ryuichi sat idly on the chair by the counter. There weren't much customers today, probably because it was raining. He had opened this Music CD shop on his own with his money that he earned while doing manual labour when he was younger. The shop was still new; he had just opened it a few months back, and so far business was better than he expected despite the rather deserted location at a darker shadier area of town. Perhaps it was due to the fact that most of the people who had same taste of music and culture as him roamed here. They were shady-looking people with numerous facial piercings, studded and chained accessories, wildly colored hair and wacky fashion sense whom most normal people would think as crazy. But Ryuichi was content living in the area, and had made quite a few friends with his customers too. Sometimes they would also share some merchandise of his favourite rock bands as he did for them for their favourite rock music albums.

His shop was named 'Storm', and the albums he sold mainly came from rock bands ranging from pop rock to heavy metal, and all fans usually rushed by his shop to buy albums once a new one was being released. He didn't need to employ another person in helping out with the store; Rayne preferred to keep his hands full by tending to the store himself. Besides, there wasn't much to do anyways besides tending to the store.

True, some of his friends invited him to rock gigs, sometimes even concerts. Ryuichi sometimes agreed, but he would have to get someone else to take care of the shop, and that he found rather troublesome. So in the end, Ryuichi hardly bothered to go to those gigs, or even spared time to enjoy himself. He was hardly close to anyone anyways, and his childhood didn't really show him much happiness nor fun. Rayne fiddled with a pen that was atop of the counter. He started to reminiscence about his childhood as he leaned back on the chair.

Ryuichi was an only child, his parents always busy working. He usually spent time alone at home and hardly made friends at school. He was an outcast, probably due to his effeminate looks. Yes, he was very pretty. Many mistook him for a girl the first time they saw him, both adults and fellow schoolmates alike. His then black hair, no matter how short it was, did not help in making him look manly. Girls would envy his looks, especially his pale blue eyes accompanied by long black lashes. Guys would tease him, and those who didn't knew him and mistook him for a girl would have a crush on him, only to be disgusted at both themselves and him for having feelings towards the same sex.

Ryuichi however, acknowledged himself as gay since high school. He would always blush around his crush, but he knew he would never have requited love. Besides his sexual preferences, Ryuichi was a normal guy. He had average school grades, quite good in athletics and was friendly and fine towards whoever who made friends with him. But due to lack of friends' and parents' love, Ryuichi ended up being a loner pretty much through out his childhood. He turned to music - heavy rock and metal, and soon found himself indulged in it. He started listening to Visual Kei bands too, after seeing their beauty in both looks and music, getting hooked on it since he was halfway through his high school years. It was only after high school did he dye his hair into dirty blonde with some streaks of light pink and moved out to live alone.

Ryuichi smiled to himself as he looked up at the poster of his current favourite band Eternal Midnight that was pasted on the wall behind the counter, proudly shown to any customer who entered. Now his life was okay; his parents let him have his independence and freedom; he was self-employed and business was fine; his life - music - is now all around him, and now that was all that mattered.

Ryuichi blinked. Suddenly he felt something lacking. What was it? His eyes moved towards the large glass windows to the right side of the shop. Rain continued to pour heavily onto the ground. He squinted enough to see a few couples holding hands under an umbrella, walking together in the rain.


Yeah, he lacked love.

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Against the Storm : Story of Rayne & Gail Empty Against the Storm : Story of Rayne & Gail

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Chapter 2 :: Gale

Gail strummed on his guitar, bored to death while staring blankly at the rain pouring down heavily from his apartment window. Nobody had called him to play for a gig to play in as a guitarist replacement. He would also work as a support guitarist, and usually his pay was enough for food and his apartment rental fees. Heck, to be truthful he's quite rich since he is one of the most sought after guitarists. Many bands have asked for him to join them, but Gail always declined. He found it troublesome, and also a little stressful to be working hard to reach up to fans' demands. Not that he doesn't have any fans of himself, but still...

Gail stood up and got himself a can of beer from the fridge before he sat down by the window again. The rain was comforting yet cold, and so was the winds accompanying it. Gail gulped down the beer and leaned his head onto the window sill. The rain reminded of nostalgic memories in his life. He reflected on how his life was before and now. Gail hated remembering memories, but the time and mood set by the rain was so right...

Gail remembered the time he was a child. He was born in some part of America, his mother's native country. He remember the exact country as he was still so young, and it was when he was 5 years old did they move to Japan. But he was orphaned when he was in the last year of elementary school. It didn't really make a difference to him; his parents were cold and uncaring, strict and demanding of him by making him go through hours and hours of study and tuition. Secretly he knew within himself that he was glad they were gone, almost grateful to the drunk who had rammed his vehicle headfirst into their car. Now Gail felt a little bad for his feelings, but his life wouldn't have been more blissful if it didn't happen. Gail was taken in by his relatives who were old and childless. They took much better care of him, supported him in his interests that Gail soon found was music. But sadly, the old couple died the moment he entered 2nd year in high school.

Gail remembered he had wept for the first time, and he even wrote a song for them, the lyrics now left forgotten somewhere in his closet. He would remember them dearly. As for now, he was in the prime of his youth. After high school he continued on his music, getting close to some bands and played for them for a while. He was told by many that he was a talented guitarist; he had been playing ever since his real parents died. And he wouldn't give up this talent for the world. He was also a good drummer, but his hands and fingers were more accustomed to guitar playing.

He suddenly got up, and slipped in a CD into his CD player and played it. One of his favourite songs by his current favourite Visual Kei band Eternal Midnight played, filling the empty room with the sounds of organs and keyboards before a slow rhythm of distorted guitars joined in. Gail dropped himself onto an empty chair that was facing the window. He wasn't a fan of Visual Kei, but this was the only VK band that piqued his interest. Their music was of beautiful darkness that Gail was interested in, not to mention the heaviness of the vocals and music made Gail almost screaming for more. He shut his eyes as he remembered more of his life.

He was popular when he entered high school; he was good at sports, good looking, and could play good music. Girls were after him, and even some guys were looking at him weirdly. Back then he was quite freaked and afraid of those people, but soon after he was alright with them, and even found himself fine being with guys in that way. Heck, he even grew to prefer guys. Aiden was one of them, but his relationship with Addy was no more than best friends. They were like brothers, having been through thick and thin together since their first year in high school. And speaking of relationships, Gail remembered Lisa, a girl whom he had just broken up with. She was fine, but he lacked feeling towards her.

"Man, I really need a guy," Gail muttered to himself. Women whine too much, he thought again.

Gail looked back at the window, sighing. The rain had receded, now becoming a gentle shower. He loved it when the rain was in this state.

If only there was someone as fine as the rain. Cold, yet comforting, and can be harsh but also tender; unpredictable like the weather. Gail smiled. He finished up the beer in the can and leaned back to continue watching the rain.

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Against the Storm : Story of Rayne & Gail Empty Against the Storm : Story of Rayne & Gail

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Chapter 3 :: Dark Clouds

It was yet another day. Gail had already finished up editting a song for a friend, and zipped up his electric guitar in its bag. He waved goodbye to his friend who thanked him and returned the wave, and Gail exited the apartment of an old building. He stopped short the moment he saw the sky. Dark clouds had gathered, and it threatened to spill tears any moment. Gail cursed under his breath. He liked the rain, but he didn't want to get himself plus his beloved guitar all wet. Gail shrugged and continued on anyway, hoping he would get back in time before the rain starts to pour.

Ryuichi rearranged the CDs in place. Finally the rearranging of new stocks were done. He sighed and looked out the window. It was already dusk, and he could see the dark clouds above making the atmosphere gloomier than before. He didn't mind the rain, but it would affect his business. It had been raining regularly now; the monsoon season had come, perhaps? His regular customers and casual friends did drop by to buy some stuff once in a while, but Ryuichi was getting worried he wouldn't be able to earn much now. He cursed inwardly and slumped lazily onto the chair by the counter, switching on the stereo as he did, playing an album by Eternal Midnight.

Gail walked hurriedly past the shops on an isolated street. There were a few punks roaming around, but the street remained deserted-looking. He quickened his pace while he managed to glimpse at the sky. Probably a few more minutes before large droplets were to fall.

"...Sadistic shadows laugh at me
Nothing but darkness that I can see...

Gail stopped in his tracks. He could recognize that voice and song anywhere. He looked in the direction of the music. A small shop stood, covered in black and large display windows showcasing a few electric guitars and posters of famous rock bands. And Eternal Midnight. In Gail's mind, he silently squealed.

Yes, he squealed. Even though it was in his mind and nobody could hear it. Yes, Gail squealed.

Truth be told, Gail was a rabid fanboy for Eternal Midnight and for that band only. He would never do such a thing for any other band. And after silently squealing over the poster in his head, Gail almost ran into the shop, slamming the door open with a loud clunk of the door plus the bell which hung over the door.

Ryuichi almost fell off his seat when the weird dude suddenly slammed open the door and ran in. 'What the fuck is up with this guy?' Rayne thought irritably. If he broke that door bell, he's going to pay. Ryuichi grumbled and looked up at the guy. And found himself warming up. Shit, the guy was hot. That black, messy short hair streaked with blue, piercings on his eyebrows, nose and multiples of them on his ear... shit, this guy was a fine looker.

He looked kinda fierce though. "Wh-What can I do for you?" Ryuichi struggled to say from his shock. The guy's deep blue eyes looked over to him. The colour was beautiful.

"That poster," Ryuichi heard the guy say as he pointed to the poster behind the fake blonde. "Do you sell it?"

"Uh... I-I think so..." Ryuichi gulped as the guy narrowed his eyes at his answer. "I-I'll go check if we still have any stocks left." Ryuichi said again and side-paced away, stumbling on a few things as he rushed to the storeroom. It made the 20 year-old totally nervous that he was trembling as he looked through the boxes in the storeroom.

Gail stared at the poster. Damn, he had been looking for that poster everywhere! He squealed a little some more in the privacy of his head before he looked away and browsed through the shop. He could hear the shop attendant rummaging through boxes and plastics in the storeroom. Gail felt a little bad now; he must have glared at the poor guy when he stuttered his answer. Gail found himself thinking of that shop attendant. If he hadn't been so overwhelmed by his fanboy side, he would have taken a good look at the guy.

He had long dirty blonde hair, streaked with black and dark brown, with some shades of pinkish purple. And he had snake bite piercings didn't he? The guy was remarkably pretty, especially with those pale blue eyes. Very pretty...

The shop attendant returned looking both accomplished and relieved. His long hair was now tied up in a ponytail, and Gail found that cute.

"Uh, sorry for the wait. I found it, but it's a little dusty..." the blonde said. Gail gave him a smile.

"No it's no problem," Gail said. The blonde looked visibly relaxed. "Sorry for... the tone earlier. I was... uh, tired."

"Ah, it's okay," the blonde replied, giving a shy smile as he put the roll of the poster inside a plastic bag. "Um, anything else?"

"What's your name?" Gail asked. The blonde looked at him, surprised, but answered anyway.


"I see," Gail flashed another quick smile, "I'm Gail." Ryuichi returned the smile, still as shy as before but also a look of confusion at his foreign name. "I'm half-American. I have a Japanese name, Kazuya, but I don't like it." Gail turned to the window, only to see that the rain had poured down without him knowing. Ryuichi softened the volume of the speakers while Gail set down his guitar. "It's raining... You don't mind if I stay here until the rain stops, do you?"

"Ah, n-no problem," Ryuichi replied. Gail could see he was trying to hide his blush behind his long hair. Cute, Gail thought.

"So you like Eternal Midnight, huh?" Gail asked, trying to strike a conversation as he passed the money to Ryuichi for the poster.

"Yeah... I like Yoru, Kage & Akatsuki..." Rayne said softly, avoiding Gail's gaze.

"Really? I like Kage & Hiai. They're real hot," Gail replied with a grin, looking up to study the poster again. "I remember them when they just started out. They were still in high school I think, which is just last year. They were in visual kei too, but not as fancy as now, but their music totally blew me away. That was when I kept attending their gigs and saw them grow."

Ryuichi watched the guy who called himself Gail. He was hot, yeah, especially when he smiled. At first Ryuichi thought he was scary, but got a better impression when he apologised and spoke in a gentler tone. He let the guy speak freely, talking non-stop about their favourite band. Clearly he looked like a boy in a candy store, speaking to another kid about their favourite candy.

"Oops, sorry," Gail said, chuckling to himself. Ryuichi found the sound surprisingly pleasant. "I'm rambling to myself. Sorry if I'm boring you."

"Oh, it's alright, I don't talk much anyway," Ryuichi replied.

"Hey, it's stopped raining..." Gail pointed to the window. Ryuichi frowned. Damn, can't the rain last longer? "I'll go then." An awkward pause. Then he continued, "But I'll come back again soon. I saw some albums here that I've been looking for." Ryuichi managed a smile, surpressing the surge of relief that filled him. "See ya later," Gail clicked his tongue with a toothy grin and left the shop. Ryuichi never expected that.

He slumped back onto the chair, grinning to himself. But what was he doing hoping so much? The guy was obviously straight. Ryuichi frowned at the thought. Well, as long as he gets some eye candy to make his days better...

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Against the Storm : Story of Rayne & Gail Empty Against the Storm : Story of Rayne & Gail

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Kaz says: Finally a hint of shonen-ai. Jeez.

Chapter 4 :: Unexpected Weather

It has been three weeks since their first meeting. Much to Ryuichi's surprise, the guy did came back, buying 5 albums in one go. And he visited almost everyday from then on, claiming that Ryuichi's shop has most of the stuff that he wanted. Ryuichi was glad of course, and they soon spent a lot of time together - in the shop only, that is. But it was enough for Ryuichi. He didn't want to fall further for Gail than he already had, which was already too deep for him to be saved now.

Ryuichi was in love, for the first time in a long while since his high school. But he wouldn't say a word to Gail. He didn't want to scare him, disgust him and then make him leave him alone in the shop everyday, just because of his sexual preferences. Ryuichi would have to hang on, no matter how painful it was.

For the moment he was able to treasure the gift Gail had given him - whether the half-American was aware of the 'gift' he had given him or not. Gail had given him a nickname. He had said Ryuichi was unique, but he had found Ryuichi far more interesting, and the name was too plain for him. He said Ryuichi was like the rain; fine and tender, yet possessing its own harshness like a storm as well. And with that, he started to call Ryuichi 'Rayne'. And since then, Ryuichi was known as that.

"I got tickets to a concert!!!" Gail exclaimed the moment he ran into the shop, startling the hell out of Rayne who was reading a magazine.

"So? It's just a gig," Rayne replied in a slightly annoyed tone. He hated it when Gail rushed into the shop and causing havoc with his fanboyness.

"It's not a gig, it's ETERNAL MIDNIGHT'S CONCERT!!! AND SECOND ROW, TOO!!!" Gail replied in glee, his fanboy side shining and oozing from all over him. Rayne's eyes widened.

"WHAT THE - When," Rayne said, narrowing his eyes into a glare at the last word. It wasn't a question, more like a demand for answer. Gail grinned.

"Next week's Thursday, 7 pm."

"I'M GOING!" Rayne exclaimed, slamming the countertop in his frenzy. "Wait, what about my shop?"

"Aw, forget it. C'mon you've been in this shop every single day - even in weekends! You need a life, man," Gail eyed him, making Rayne nervous. Rayne still found those deep blue eyes entrancing.

"I need money, Gail," Rayne replied weakly.

"Oh for pete's sake, Rayne! You married to your shop or something?" Gail snapped back. Rayne shrank back. He didn't like making people upset, especially not the person he liked. Gail noticed Rayne's withdrawal and sighed, "Sorry... Just take a break for one day okay? You're gonna get sick if you keep stressing yourself on your job."

"..." Rayne hesitated and debated within himself. He very much wanted to see Yoru, Kage & Akatsuki up close for the very first time! Gail managed to get them tickets at some of their gigs, but they were usually at the back...

"C'mon, treat it like a date, alright?" Gail unexpectably held Rayne's hand and gave a wink. Rayne almost died. Did he just hold his hand and wink at him. Oh. My. God. "You need one. I can be the girl, heh." Shit, he was only joking...

"Okay," Rayne said almost immediately. Rayne noticed a flicker in Gail's eyes. Shit, was I obvious?! Gail smiled, making Rayne sigh in relief. He hoped it would be good day...

Rayne stared in both awe and glee as he shook hands with the members of Eternal Midnight. Yoru, Kage, Akatsuki, Akumu, Hiai and Inori; all six members are now autographing his poster. Rayne could have danced in joy. The concert was already awesome, full of heavy music and moshing. And not to mention Rayne got a Yoru's scarf when he threw it off-stage!

"What're your names?" Yoru asked.

"I'm Gail!"

"...I'm Rayne. It's spelled as R-A-Y-N-E," Rayne said, glancing embarrassedly at Gail who just smiled at him, as the members signed their name.

"KAGE-SAMA! HIAI-SAMA!! YOU GUYS DID AN AWESOME JOB AS ALWAYS!!" Gail exclaimed, much to the amusement of the fellow fans, and the other members. He reached out to hug them, his aura full of his fanboy side, who was gushing and squealing over them. Rayne suppressed a laugh himself. He both loved and hated (in a loving way) this side of Gail. Both Kage & Hiai released themselves from his grasp uncomfortably, but gave a sincere amused smile.

"Sorry, we'll be going now," Rayne muttered and bowed to the band. The band members smiled, with the girls gigging. Rayne dragged Gail away, embarrassed by Gail's unruly and fanboyish actions that were unbecoming of him. After dragging him for a long distance, Rayne finally noticed that Gail had gone quiet, and that he had been dragging him by the hand. And their fingers were tightly entwined with each other. Oh shit.

"S-sorry!" Rayne withdrew his hand from the taller man, blushing uncontrollably and hiding his face behind his long hair. He glanced at Gail who was staring. Damn those deep blue!

"C'mon," Gail said quietly, reaching out his hand and slipping it into Rayne's. Rayne looked back at him in shock but let the man lead him away.

"Wh-Where are we going?" Rayne asked, nervous. Gail had kept quiet throughout the way as he led them on to wherever tehy were going.

"My place," Gail finally said.

"What?" Rayne asked again in disbelief. Gail didn't answer.

Finally they reached a two-storey apartment block and rode up the stairs as quietly. After passing 5 doors, Rayne felt himself being slammed into the sixth door, where he felt lips crush onto his. A hot tongue licked at his lips, asking for entrance which Rayne gave on impulse. Their tongues danced and wrestled with each other, each not wanting to give in. Gail's lips were unexpectedly soft, and Rayne could feel himself melt against him as their bodies got close.

They broke the kiss, each panting for breath. Both looked deeply in each others' eyes.

"I love you... Rayne," Gail said, before he leaned in to kiss Rayne again.

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Against the Storm : Story of Rayne & Gail Empty Against the Storm : Story of Rayne & Gail

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Chapter 5 :: Whirlwind
Warning: Long post. Slight fluff & yaoi smut ahead~

Rayne couldn't believe his day. Firstly it was an average morning. He had shut his shop early for the Eternal Midnight concert he and Gail were supposed to go. The extremely heavy rain in the morning till afternoon had dampened Rayne's mood at first, but when Gail arrived to pick him up, the weather seemed to brighten as well, and Rayne had the best time he ever had in his life. He knew it was most likely because of Gail, and not only because of the awesome band who performing infront of them. And that made Rayne happy.

His current situation however, made Rayne confused. Was this a dream?

Current situation: Gail pinning him into his apartment door outside and ravaging his mouth, tongue sliding hungrily over Rayne's. And his hands running wildly all over Rayne's body. And damn, was Gail a talented kisser; so were his hands.

Not that Rayne wanted to complain. But the situation just seemed so... unbelievable. Here he was thinking that Gail was unattainable, and now the situation has turned.

Rayne moaned into the kiss, as Gail's hand brushed against his nipple. Rayne could feel himself hardening under Gail. Suddenly Rayne felt himself falling. Actually both of them were, since Gail had somehow unlocked his door and opened it, causing Rayne to lean back and fall onto the floor with a thump. Rayne cursed mentally, but soon found himself moaning again as Gail continued to kiss him harder, his hands now in Rayne's crotch. Ooooh shit.

"G-Gail!" Rayne gasped, pulling back reluctantly to catch his breath. "W-we're right at the entrance of your apartment with the door open!! People could see us!!" Rayne hated the whine in his voice, but he didn't care. Gail was still ravishing him with obscene kisses all over his neck, all the while rubbing urgently on Rayne's crotch. Oh man, if he keeps on doing that I'm gonna explode in my pants, Rayne thought, biting his lip.

"Hmm... You're right," Gail said against Rayne's neck, letting his breath tickle the blonde. He pulled away and stood up, closed the door and went into his apartment where he disappeared into one of the rooms, leaving Rayne on the floor and speechless. Rayne was still dazed at the situation and quickly pulled himself up. Rayne stood nervously by the doorway, uncertain whether to go further in. "You can come in, silly," Rayne heard Gail say from the room. Still nervous, Rayne slipped off his sneakers and walked in, quite amazed at his apartment.

The apartment walls were painted different shades of blue, and the color calmed Rayne somehow. The apartment was quite empty yet messy. Magazines on music were messily stacked in a corner, a couple of black couches at the spacious living room with a large flat screen tv and a glass coffee table littered with beer cans. Rayne noticed a microphone stand at the other side of the room which had its walls padded, accompanied by large stereos, amplifiers and a drum set - obviously his jamming area. Rayne looked further in and found a small kitchen, empty except for a small dining table with two chairs, a few utensils (all unwashed in the sink) and a small fridge. Rayne returned to the living room where Gail appeared with towels.

"We should take a shower; surviving a moshpit and getting all stinky will ruin the mood," Gail said as he tossed one of the towels to Rayne. "You can take the bathroom in the bedroom," Gail pointed to the room he went into and walked into another room. Rayne sighed. Were they really going to continue what they did? It just seemed to good to be true. And the sudden awkwardness between them were making Rayne even more nervous than he already was. Shrugging, Rayne treaded into the bedroom and into the bathroom where he took a quick shower.

- After a while -

Rayne only pulled on his pants without his boxers on and wrapped a towel around his shoulder and towel-dried his hair. He looked nervously at the mirror. Seriously, he was nervous beyond words. Not that he was a virgin - oh no, Rayne had done a lot of guys before (and mind you he always chose to be uke, and enjoyed it alot) - it was that most of his past relationships (that were barely existant) were merely sexual. And this was the first time he would be doing it with a guy he really liked. Rayne sighed and got out of the bathroom.

Rayne stared and gaped. Literally, his mouth flew open. Gail stood by the bedroom window, his front facing Rayne but his head turned away to look out the window. Holy shit, Rayne thought as he continued to stare. Gail was topless as well, with only his jeans on, which were worn very low - almost as if they were resting right on his dick. Both his hair and body were still wet, and they glistened under the light. Rayne almost drooled openly as his eyes moved to Gail's navel. Damn, that must be the hottest thing I've ever seen, Rayne thought again.

"Oh, you're done?" Gail said, snapping Rayne back to reality.

"Huh? Oh, yeah I'm done..." Rayne couldn't get his eyes off the other's body.

"...Are you nervous?"

"Huh?!" Rayne jerked, alerted. Both blinked at each other. Finally Rayne said, "Uh, yeah..."

"It's not your first time, is it?"


"Then?" Rayne winced. Gail sounded irritated and Rayne felt awful. He looked away from the taller man.

"...It's my first time with someone I like..." Rayne blushed and hid his face further. For a moment it was silent.

"Come here," Rayne heard Gail say. Rayne looked up timidly to see Gail smiling and motioning for him to come to the bed where he stood. Rayne obliged, trembling slightly. Gail chuckled at the trembling man, and pulled Rayne closer to him. He wrapped the shorter one in his arms gently, and rested his chin on the other's head.


"You really are cute, you know," Gail said laughingly. "And that's one of the things I love about you." Gail smiled again, feeling the heat radiating from Rayne's face which leaned against his neck.

"...Asshole," Rayne mumbled.

Gail released Rayne and sat down on the bed. Rayne looked at him for a while before his restraint gave way and he leaned to the sitting man, their lips pressed together, tongues dancing. Rayne flung the towel around him away and buried a hand in Gail's hair, pushing them together. Gail licked at Rayne's lips, teasing as his hands found their way in Rayne's pants.

"...Fuck," Rayne muttered before he pulled away from the surprised man and kneeled before him. Truthfully, Rayne wasn't very good at self-restraint. Not only would he have the unsuppressable urge to swoon at every hot guy he sees, he'd have to suppress the thing in his pants too - not that he's the seme, but you know... Rayne licked at Gail's chest, his hands unbuttoning Gail's jeans. He too was without boxers, and his larger-than-expected dick sprang out. Rayne almost gasped at it's length and size as he licked his lips.

Gail moaned out loud as Rayne licked at the tip of the head, then twirling his tongue around it before he swallowed it whole. "Oh shit," Gail groaned, tilting his head back and clenching his fists into the bed covers. Shit, this guy sure knows how to give a blowjob - that's why Gail preferred guys over girls. Another moan rolled off his lips as Rayne continued to deep throat his cock, and before he knew it, Gail was thrusting himself into Rayne's mouth, his hand curling into Rayne's long dirty blonde hair. And just was he was about to come, Rayne removed his mouth from Gail who scowled.

"Sorry," Rayne said with a naughty smirk. "Don't want you to come without me." And with that Rayne slipped off his jeans, revealing his own cock which stood leaking and erect. Gail stared in awe at his new lover - he was amazed by this horny, kinky side of Rayne who was usually shy and nervous. And now this Rayne was hungrily kissing him, his eyes filled with lust.

Gail laid back on the bed as Rayne worked on removing his jeans for him. As he did, Rayne ground his hips into Gail, earning yet another husky moan. Gail growled - it felt as if Rayne was taking control, and no he didn't like to be dominated, even though it was a sure thing that Rayne was going to be uke.

He flipped them over, now Rayne sprawled on the bed with Gail on top of him. Gail licked his lips at the delicious sight below him. His hands slid down to Rayne's cock and worked on it; pumping ever so slowly, making Rayne groan in frustration. Gail smirked and reached for the side cupboard, fumbling for something.

"What're you looking for?" Rayne asked.

"Lube. Don't wanna hurt you now," Gail replied as he continued to search. Where the fuck is the lube when he needed it?

"Don't need it. I like it rough and I don't mind a little pain," Rayne said nonchalantly. Gail looked at him, a wry smile on his face. Ooooh shit - Rayne did not just say that.

"You know what, I think I'm gonna fuck you so hard into the bed you won't be able to walk for days," Gail grinned.

"I'll love it anyways," Rayne returned the grin and Gail pounced back on him. He sucked on his own two fingers, covering them in his own spit before he slid them into Rayne. Rayne arched his back, his expression high. Gail nuzzled at his neck as he worked his fingers deep into Rayne, searching for the spot that would make Rayne scream. And soon enough Gail found it, and without wasting time he rubbed on it.

"FUCK!" Rayne shouted, his back arched and his head thrown back. Rayne shut his eyes and swallowed the feeling of ecstasy. Damn he loved that feeling. He couldn't wait for Gail to shove that cock of his into him. Gail continued preparing him, scissoring those long skilful fingers in him and sliding them in and out. Rayne was almost hysterical, "Fuck it, Gail. I want you in me. Now." Gail gave his playful grin and did so. He positioned himself before Rayne, pushing Rayne's knees to his chest, and Gail entered him in one swift motion with a groan.

Holy shit, was Rayne a tight-ass. Gail dove into heaven momentarily the moment he shoved his neglected cock into that hole. And boy was Rayne a screamer. And yes, Gail loved to make his prey scream, moan and beg for more. True enough, Rayne was begging for him to move, "Move, Gail!" The guy was practically whining. So Gail decided to give him what he wanted, ramming himself hard into the blonde below him. He increased his pace as he moaned at the friction - seriously, he never tasted such an ass as tight as this. Well, Gail never really got to do guys much anyways since girls were always all over him. Anyways, Gail bucked Rayne's hips for more friction, and he got it and he loved it. Both he and Rayne were moaning in pleasure as he did so.

"Gail, harder! Faster! Ahh shit..." Rayne was rambling mindlessly, too high in pleasure. Gail's cock was so good in him; he never felt this full and pleasurable before. Gail was talented in many things, and fucking was one of them. Rayne continued to moan for more, which only turned Gail on more, and Rayne got what he wanted. Then Gail stopped, and both panted hard. He withdrew from Rayne and flipped Rayne over onto his stomach, and pulled him up slightly, so that Rayne was resting on all fours. Then without warning he slid himself into Rayne again.

Rayne gasped at the sudden intrusion, his lips curling in content as Gail slammed his cock in and out of the tight passage, groaning away as he did from the tight warmth. Rayne loved this position; it allowed deeper penetration and so it was easier for his prostate to get hit. And so it was, Gail shifting slightly and moved again, directly hitting the sweet pleasure spot that made Rayne howl in pleasure. Now with each hard fast thrust Gail made, it hit the spot, allowing Rayne constant pleasure that was too much for him to bear. He breathed raggedly, feeling faint and his orgasm imminent.

"Fuck, Gail... I'm gonna cum..." Rayne muttered. Gail got the message and a hand wrapped around Rayne's cock. He pumped it in time with his thrusts, his hand moving so fast, Rayne's cum spurting out of the slit of his cock within a few moments.

"Holy fuck! Ahhh...!" Gail groaned when Rayne's anal passages tightened around him, making the friction more pleasurable as he slipped in and out of Rayne. His thrusts became fast and urgent, his own climax coming. With a few more deep thrusts that Gail could muster, he spilled his cum in Rayne with a deep growl. Clearly, he was very satisfied as his head spun in sexual ecstasy. Gail withdrew from Rayne who watched him limply, his pale blue eyes still filled with that desire. Gail then laid on top of Rayne, resting his head by Rayne's neck. Both still panting from their rough intercourse.

"Shit, that was the best one I had..." Rayne said.

"Mmnn... "Gail hummed in agreement as he stroked Rayne's cheek with his thumb and plant a few more kisses on his neck before they both fell asleep.

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Against the Storm : Story of Rayne & Gail Empty Against the Storm : Story of Rayne & Gail

Post  Kaze on Sat Jan 12, 2008 11:16 pm

Chapter 6 :: Morning Mist

BAM! The bedroom door slammed open, jerking the sleeping couple awake. A guy with crimson hair and orange eyes stared at them with a dazed expression from the doorway. Rayne immediately pulled up the blankets to cover himself more.

"Jesus Christ, Addy! Can't you open the bloody door quietly?!" Gail shouted at the guy, cursing under his breath. 'Addy' continued to stare at them for a moment before he muttered an apology and left the room in a hurry. Gail sighed and turned to the bewildered blonde who was embarrassed at being caught in the situation, a flush on his cheeks. Gail couldn't suppress a smirk at it before he explained, "Sorry, that's my best buddy Aiden. He comes and goes as he pleases and treats my place like his own, so as you can see he doesn't have good house manners."

"Oh," Rayne said. He glanced at the window to see that it was already morning and got off the bed. He went to the bathroom for a shower & pulled on his clothes. Rayne then re-entered the bedroom to find Gail in his boxers sitting on the bed and smoking on his cigarette. Rayne found himself enjoying the view somewhat.

"Care to stay for breakfast?" Gail asked. Rayne couldn't refuse that offer.

After Gail had showered, the couple made a simple breakfast of bacon and toast together, with Aiden, or Addy as he preferred to be called, watching them with a slightly amused look on his expressionless face. Rayne found out that Addy and Gail had been best friends since high school, and that Addy hardly expresses himself both facially or through words. Which explains his constant dazed look and silence. Addy looked like any other punk that visits Rayne's shop, with crimson hair streaked black that reached his shoulders and spiked at the top, plus eyeliner, a labaret piercing and the usual of multiple ear piercings. The factor that Rayne found most intriguing were his bright orange eyes, which looked much alive apart from his dead expression.

"Umm, I need to open the shop now," Rayne said as he looked at the digital clock on the wall. Gail frowned.

"Awww, this early? C'mon, Rayne..." Gail pleaded. Rayne felt almost guilty, but Gail shrugged and gave in, "Well, I'll drop by later then."

"Thanks," Rayne smiled gratefully and put on his sneakers.

"Hey wait," Gail called back. Rayne turned, and Gail pulled him into a kiss. "Don't close too late." Rayne blushed yet grinned.

"Alright, see ya later," Rayne waved both Gail & Addy goodbye and left the apartment. Rayne was pleased that it wasn't going to be just a one night stand.

It was already almost 5 months since they first had sex and started their relationship officially. Everything was going smoothly, and Rayne had to admit - he never felt this happy with someone before, and he would give anything to continue this relationship. Frankly, Rayne sometimes did feel jealous of Addy since he and Gail were awfully close, and sometimes Rayne would squabble with Gail over it, but usually they end up making it up with each other within a day or two, and then everything would return to normal.

Rayne enjoyed spending alone time with Gail. Sure, he was loud, rowdy and messy at times, but he was always sweet and tender towards him. Gail would always hold and caress him gently, even though when they fucked, it was as rough as any rape scene could get. It couldn't be helped, since Rayne loved it rough, and Gail loved to give it rough, so they both always had happy sex. And they enjoyed it so much, they would have it as often as they could, usually 3 times per week, and boy did Rayne had a great time every time.

It was all going smoothly, that was until one day when the duo were making out in an alley outside a pub, a chick called onto one of them.

"Gail?" Both stopped abruptly, and turned to whoever who was rude enough to interrupt them. A girl probably the same age as Rayne stared at them - well, actually more like she was staring at Gail only. She had long black hair tied in braids, and her eyes were dark red. She was extremely pretty, and Rayne thought he had seen her before.

"Lisa?" Gail squinted his blue eyes at her. The girl smiled.

"It's been a year, Gail," the girl named Lisa replied.

"Uh... yeah," Gail looked at her uneasily. Rayne didn't like the direction this was going to.

"How have you been?" Lisa asked again, now moving towards them. She seemed to not notice Rayne, or deliberately ignoring him, and Rayne was positive it was the latter.

"Great," Gail said, emphasising on the word. "This is my boyfriend, Rayne." Gail pulled Rayne closer to him, and for the first time the girl laid her red eyes on him, and Rayne swore he could see contempt in those red orbs.

"Ah, nice to meet you," Lisa said, extending her hand for a handshake. Her voice was sickly sweet when she said that, but Rayne shook her hand anyways. She withdrew her hand a little too quickly and she gave him that fake sickly sweet smile that made Rayne want to bitch slap her. "So, what do you do for a living?"

"I own a shop," Rayne replied, "A music CD shop..."

"Oh, I'm a model. Part-time though since I'm still studying in college," Lisa said. Ah, no wonder. Rayne had seen her before in a few magazines. He didn't expect her to be this bitchy.

"UM," Gail interrupted loudly. Obviously, he too didn't like where this was going. "I think me and Rayne need some alone time. If you didn't notice it earlier, we were both enjoying ourselves with our making out session." Gosh, Gail was so blunt and Lisa's expression changed into one that looked as if Gail had bitch slapped her for Rayne - and Rayne absolutely loved him for it.

"Oh yes, I'm sorry," Lisa said again with that sickening voice of hers as she smiled at Rayne. "Please continue. Hope to see you again real soon Gail." Unexpectedly she leaned up towards Gail, giving him a peck on his lips before she left. Gail looked as shock as Rayne, but both recovered after a while.

"Uh, no offence, but did you really date that bitch previously?" Rayne looked at Gail disbelievingly.

"Well, I guess. I think she's just sore that I dumped her," Gail shrugged. Rayne continued to eye him. "Aw c'mon! Let's just continue what we were doing and I'll make sure you'll enjoy what we're going to be doing later at my place, alright?" He gave Rayne that devilish naughty smirk before he kissed Rayne again. And how was Rayne supposed to react to such an enticing offer? Give in, of course.

But still, Rayne couldn't help but worry in the back of his mind. He knew for sure that that chick wouldn't give Gail up without a fight. Urgh, women.

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Against the Storm : Story of Rayne & Gail Empty Re: Against the Storm : Story of Rayne & Gail

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