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Post  Kaze on Sat Jan 05, 2008 12:23 am

Known as: Rayne
Real Name: Amehito Ryuichi (Rain Person | One Dragon)
Kanji Name: 雨人 龍一
Age: 20
Nationalty: Japanese
Spoken Language: Japanese, basic English
Height: 183cm; 6'1''
Orientation: Gay
Occupation: Jamming studio + Music CD shop owner

Image description:
- Long dirty blonde hair with streaks of black and dark brown, hair length reaches below chest
- Pale blue eyes

- Snake bite piercings
- 5 piercings on left ear
- 3 piercings on right ear

Family Background:
- Parents, one younger sibling (hardly mentioned)
- Average Japanese family, neither distant nor close
- Parents allowed him freedom once he finished high school

Misc Info:
- Lover: Tatsuyoru Kazuya aka Gail
- Uke who loves to receive it rough
- Suicide boy, lawl~
- Less lively and reserved than Gail, but can be quite a speaker
- Social smoker, drinker (but not as heavy as Gail)
- Loves to curse at Gail, but loves him all the same~ <3
- Somewhat shy and blushes easily

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