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Post  Yami on Tue Jul 02, 2013 3:41 pm

Superbia (Pride) Phrixus Φριξος Thrilling, Sending Shiver / Ryuunosuke - Dragon 龍之介
Avaritia (Greed) Neoptolemus Νεοπτολεμος New War / Norisuke - Law 憲介
Luxuria (Lust) Tryphon Τρυφων Softness, Delicacy / Yukisuke - Felicity 幸介
Ira (Wrath) Deimos Δειμος Terror / Daisuke - Big 大介
Gula (Gluttony) Spyridon Σπυριδων Basket / Shigenosuke - Layered 重之介
Invidia (Envy) Iapetos Ιαπετος To Wound, To Pierce / Gennosuke - Original 源之介
Acedia (Sloth) Gerasimos Γερασιμος Old, Honour / Hisasuke - Long Time 久介

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Post  Yami on Fri Jul 01, 2016 7:01 am

"Thank you," Gem whispered and pushed away from Ryuu slowly.
"That was all I needed - for you to hug me and it was nothing but a hug. No sexual intentions, no desire, nothing," he smiled but it didn't reach his eyes.

Ryuu took a step back and looked at this person in front of him. He saw the same person he saved so many years ago, the boy who didn't want to let go of him, the boy who kept coming back to him regardless of being used and the boy that he has learned to love despite not understanding what love truly is. The same boy stands before him and is now a man. And that thought made Ryuu smile.

"What is it, Ryuu? Why'd you smile?"
"It's nothing."

Gem knew better than to persist the matter so he let it go. He walked towards the bedroom to get his things and leave.

"Where do ya think ya going?"
"Home. It's getting late"
"It's still pouring out there. Stay for the night."

He gave a suspicious look and that made Ryuu smile again.

"Just make sure ya out of here by morning."


"I'll see you when I see you," Gem called out as he shut the front door behind him. As promised, Gem left before the sun was up and he knew Ryuu wasn't asleep.

He decided to walk back to his apartment although it would probably take him about an hour to get there. He felt that he needed the long walk to clear his mind and let whatever happened last night sink in. Gem realized just how long he has been clinging on to that nonexistent string of hope. Somehow, he felt that he knew this was going to happen but he had refused to acknowledge the chances of it happening. Maybe that could be the reason why he was always screwing things up with the people around. Maybe people just couldn't stand him loathing in self pity anymore and wanted him to grow up. Well, today is the day that everyone has been waiting for. He woke up today and knew that he was a changed person and he won't let the ghost of his past bother him anymore.

When he got to his apartment, there was a pair of shoes by his door. There was only one person who would do that and that person was lounging on his sofa when he walked through his front door.

"You're here early," Gem said as he took off his shoes.
"Yeah. I called but I kept getting your voice message on your phone and no one was answering at home either. C'mon, I had every reason to suspect something was wrong," Axe threw his hands up in the air, exasperated.
"I hope you haven't called the police," Gem said jokingly as he ruffled Axe's hair.

Axe automatically tilted his head up and Gem bent down. They kissed and Gem lingered. Axe smiled against Gem's lips and asked between kisses,

"Did ... Something ... Happen?"

All Gem said after that was he's hungry and they should head out for breakfast. The only place opened at the wee hours of the morning was McDonald's so they didn't really have to choose. Gem got himself the hotcakes set and got Axe the big breakfast set. Gem poured all the maple syrup on his hotcakes and then slowly sipped his coffee. He likes his hotcakes better when it has soaked all the maple syrup.

"So, you want to tell me what happened?"
"...I went to Ryuu's place last night" Gem didn't meet Axe's eyes.

Gem shrugged and continued to sip his coffee.

"You always do that. It's not fair. I tell you everything that goes on between Starr and I. Why won't you tell me anything?"

They ate their food in silence before Axe had to leave for school. Axe picked up the napkin on the table, fished a pen from his bag and wrote, 'I love you'. He stuffed it in Gem's pocket when they kissed goodbye. It was a great start to the day and Gem knew nothing could go wrong. With all the hiccups he's had for the last few days, today felt like he's won the lottery. He smiled to himself and stared out the window.


The visitor who was looking for Ryuu seem oddly familiar thought Shin. Not that he had a common face but it was more like someone you thought you've met before but actually haven't. The visitor glanced at Shin and Shin offered a smile. Of all days, the radio decided to break down that day. Now Shin has to hum out loud just so it doesn't worsen the already awkward position he is in with the visitor.

Shin cleared his throat, "excuse me?"
The visitor looked at Shin, stood up and approached the counter at which Shin was behind.
Shin cleared his throat again, "I think we've met."

The visitor smiled and stretched a pale finger towards Shin's face. He then delicately placed his fingers on Shin's jawline and began to inspect the face. The visitor traced the outline of Shin's lips with his thumb as he began humming the tune Shin was humming earlier. Things were getting weirder by the minute but by the minute, Shin was also beginning to soften and warm up to the visitor. Just then, the bell that's attached to the top of the entrance tinkled indicating another visitor.

Shin's face was still being held by the first visitor so he could only move his eyes to see who it was. Surprisingly, another visitor who also looked awfully familiar and similar to the first visitor has entered the shop. The second visitor had hair as bright as a bonfire. When he took off his sunglasses, Shin was genuinely impressed that he had a pair of eyes that matched his wild hair. He looked around the shop and started sniffing the air before finally standing next to the first visitor. When he came close enough, the first visitor teasingly rested his head on the second visitor's shoulder resulting in an elbow to the ribs. The first visitor giggled and pecked Shin's cheeks lightly before settling himself back down at the couch opposite the counter. Shin blinked a couple of times trying to register everything that was happening in his head. The second visitor clicked his tongue and frowned at the first visitor. The only reply he got was a shrug from the other visitor.

Something is terribly amiss with these guys. They are as tall and lanky as Ryuu and not many people are. The first visitor had strawberry blond hair that was tied in a log ponytail and had eyes that wasn't possible for a human. He had a lighter shade of pink for his iris and a darker shade of pink for his pupils, almost like Gem's eyes. But he isn't even close to being an albino. The second visitor whose hair was brighter than any redhead Shin has seen before had red streaks in them. It was shaved on the left side of his head and the rest of it was layered and it came just below his ears. His eyes were orange but it got to a darker or lighter shade depending on his emotions.

By now, Shin just couldn't make sense of their presence as well as their appearance. Just when Shin was about to speak, the tinkling of the bell was heard again. Finally, after what seemed like forever, Ryuu arrived.

"We've been expecting you, brother" said the first visitor. This was the first time Shin has heard him speak since the moment he stepped into the shop. The sound of his voice felt like velvet to the ears; Rich, deep, thick with comfort. Shin shivered and it wasn't cold. If it was even possible, Shin felt aroused just by listening to him speak.

Ryuu walked across the floor and stood in front of the counter with his back facing Shin.

"Come to think about it, Ryuu, you've never said anything about yourself before. Not where you were from, not your family, nothing" said Shin.

Ryuu turned his head back enough for Shin to see his profile and smirked. He took a step forward and spread his arms apart like he was about to hug one of the visitors. But none of them accepted his invitation. He laughed and placed his hands back to his sides.

"We are not sure if we are even brothers. We were made at the same time and existed when no one else did. The only reason we think we are brothers is because we look so much alike from one to another. The only difference we had at the beginning were our behaviors. Thanks to that, over the years we have developed a so-called identity for ourselves," said the visitor with the red hair. His voice commanded attention and was loud without it being a shout. He continued, "I am Deimos, the fourth brother. You may call me Deimos, Ira or Daisuke." And then he bowed.

Shin had only managed a nod before the visitor with the ponytail stood and hugged Ryuu. He perched his chin on Ryuu's shoulder and faced Shin.

"I am Tryphon, the third brother. I am also known as Luxuria or Yukisuke. Call me whatever your heart desire and I will surely return your call."

There were 101 things on Shin's mind and he didn't know where to start. But instead of over thinking what was happening in front of him, he excused himself to the backroom. He slowly sunk into the seasoned sofa and ran a hand through his hair. The shop was quiet enough for him to listen in on their conversation without intending to eavesdrop.


Candy was pacing the floor now, rubbing at her temples.

"Seriously, Ryuu... We barely have space for ourselves and now you want us to house 2 complete strangers?!"

Ryuu nodded and the other 2 seem to have taken that as an approval that they could stay. They dropped their bags and got comfortable.

"No fucking way! Get up, not on my couch," Gem pushed Lux away.

But when Gem's hand touched his skin, he felt like some sort of static emitting from Lux's body. He felt a sudden surge of comfort, warm waves folding gently at the pit of his stomach. They immediately locked eyes and Gem had this strong desire to engulf Lux and consume his warmth. Just then, Ryuu cleared his throat and that cleared Gem's mind.

"Whoa... What the hell just happened?" Gem said, looking confused and agitated.

For the first time, Ryuu looked tired as he gestures towards Lux and said, "This is Lux, short for Luxuria. He is also known as Tryphon or Yukisuke. He... kinda has that effect on people. Especially when you touch him."

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