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Post  Yami on Tue Feb 26, 2013 4:47 pm

So, I saw this on dA and I thought I`d steal it. Let`s see, the boys were invited to hang out at Shin`s tattoo shop when a reporter walks past and can`t help but to notice the diversity of the group. Thus, asking them for this interview. Shin let them use the back room since it`s bigger than the waiting room. There`s Kyou, Kazu, Ryuu, Gem, Axe, Shin and Lavi.

Int: What do you look for in a partner?

Kyou: Someone who`s nice
Kazu: Nice isn`t enough
Kyou: Someone like Kazu *smile*
Ryuu: Kazu is too nice *avoids eye contact* Someone who knows how to fuck
Gem: *blush* erh... I don`t know
Axe: Intelligence *adjusts his specs*
Shin: Motherly, caring and respectful ... Like my wife
Lavi: I agree with Shin. Someone who can look after my children

Int: If you could go anywhere, regardless if it's real or not, where would you go?

Ryuu: I like it here
Gem: You`re not answering the question
Ryuu: Like I care?
Gem: Tsk... Well, I`d like to go to a place where I fit in
Axe: I`ll go with Gem *slings arm around Gem`s shoulder*
Kazu: A musical land with no dead bodies
Lavi: *laughs* Me too
Kyou: What are you guys talking about?
Shin: Ignore them, Kyou. I`d like to go home

Int: Who is your arch nemesis?

Lavi: People ... People who don`t see me as a person
Kazu: A scalpel
Kyou: My pe... Bullies
Shin: My father-in-law
Gem: Me
Ryuu: I thought I`d be your arch nemesis *snorts*
Axe: Unrevealed revelations

Int: What's your AIM/MSN/etc. name?

Gem: My name
Axe: Endorphins
Kazu: Don`t have one
Kyou: Purple Haze
Shin: Greg
Lavi: Love
Ryuu: I fuck sheeps ... DON`T ASK.

Int: Favorite videogame?

*all looks at Gem*
Gem: I draw the characters in them, I don`t play the actual game

Int: MOVING ON.... Favorite hobby?

Gem: Drawing
Ryuu: That`s your job, stupid
Gem: But I do it for fun too
Ryuu: Whatever. I like fucking and smoking
Axe: Experiments!
Shin: I kinda like drawing too. Except mine is on skin and not on canvas
Lavi: Reading
Kyou: Being alone in a room
Ryuu: Another retarded answer
Kazu: Stop it, Ryuu. I like playing music

Int: Weirdest dream?

Ryuu: I don`t sleep so I don`t dream
Lavi: I sleep but I don`t dream
Kazu: Me neither
Gem: Mine`s not worth talking about
Kyou: I was dating a girl
Shin: I don`t remember
Axe: I was a religious man *shivers*

Int: Favorite song?

Shin: I listen to whatever Stoner plays in the shop
Axe: No favourites
Gem: Anything My Chemical Romance, The Lost Prophets, Hey Monday, The GazettE or Black Veil Brides
Lavi: Now, Young Girls by Bruno Mars
Kyou: One Direction`s Over Again
Kazu: Video Games by Lana Del Rey

Int: What's your idea of a perfect date?

Ryuu: Sex, great sex
Axe: Dinner and then laying by the seashore looking at the stars
Kazu: I don`t know, somewhere quiet would be nice
Gem: Movie, dinner
Lavi: Haven`t been on a date for years
Kyou: I like the idea of a movie and a meal afterwards and then we can hold hands while walking around town
Shin: Shopping? *laughs* I`m too old to date

Int: Pirates vs. Ninjas?

Ryuu: GODS
Gem: *mumbles* stupid fuck
Ryuu: What?!
Gem: Nothing. I choose Ninjas
Axe: Scientists!
Kazu: Ninjas
Lavi: Ninjas
Kyou: Pirates

Int: What is your weapon of choice?

Kyou: My eyes *bats eyelashes*
Axe: A beaker
Ryuu: My dick
Lavi: My heart
Kazu: Probably a scalpel
Gem: A gun
Shin: Yea, maybe a gun. I don`t think I can kill someone if they`re physically close to me

Int: What do you do when you're upset?

Shin: Travel
Gem: Because you can afford it
Shin: *laughs* True. Or else I watch the Travel Channel
Gem: *laughs along* I be on my own
Axe: Look for Gem
Ryuu: Fuck someone
Kazu: Take a stroll at the cemetery
Lavi: Play with my kids
Kyou: Wear pretty dresses

Int: Twilight vs. Harry Potter?

Ryuu: Whut??
Others: Harry Potter

Int: Boxers or briefs?

Gem: Boxer briefs
Lavi: Briefs
Kazu: Briefs
Kyou: Panties
Shin: Boxers
Ryuu: Commando
Axe: Briefs

Int: Last question. Describe each other in 2 words.

Axe: Shit, I`m late! I`ll go first; Gem is depressingly sweet. Ryuu is a fucking retard. Kazu is nice and motherly. Lavi is clever and mysterious. Shin is a reasonable father. Kyou is pretty adorable. See you guys later~ *runs off*
Gem: Axe is smart but stupid. Ryuu is stupid and stupid.
Ryuu: Hey!
Gem: ... Kazu is too nice. Kyou is cute and lovely. Lavi is responsible and respectable. Shin is warm and comforting.
Ryuu: Gem is a dumbfuck. Lavi is weird. Kazu is nice. Kyou is special. Axe is tiring. Shin is okay.
Shin: I think of them all as my brothers and children.
Kazu: Since I take care of them most of the time, they`re my kids so they`re adorable but a pain-in-the-ass.
Kyou: I think Ryuu is scary and really tall. Gem is tall too but nicer. Kazu is wonderful and great. Lavi is the perfect husband. Axe deserves more credit for his works. Shin is a total sweetheart.
Lavi: Well, I don`t want to get too much into this but I think they are all great. There are ups and downs in their personalities but it makes them unique.


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