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Post  Yami on Tue Jun 26, 2012 3:39 pm

A person whose life is devoted to the pursuit of pleasure and self-gratification.

Ryuunosuke/Phrixus; a God who came to Earth to claim his defying puppet. He had to learn the human ways of doing things to blend in. After discovering that he has an abundance of food source on earth, he decided to extend his stay. 

Yuuma/Perseus; Ryuu's puppet. His mission on earth is to assassinate earth dwellers upon Ryuu's orders. But after being amongst the humans, he slowly learned what it felt like having feelings and sought after it. 

Kazuo/Kim Lee Teuk; a music teacher who was killed by Yuuma but then brought back to live because Yuuma was just getting too attached to him. He seeks fascination in both music and the dead. 

Gem/Jeremy Thomas Benedict Edelstein; a socially awkward albino who has fallen in and out of love too often to know the line between love and lust. He has seen more beyond his years as a result of losing his mother from an abusive and alcoholic father. He seeks to love and be loved but trust is always an issue. 

Alexander Dorian Stavros; an Ace in scientific studies. He doesn't sleep unless his questions are answered. Growing up an only child, he has learned the art of being occupied. He perseveres for perfection in his fixation. 

Takehiko Shin/Gregory; passionate for ink, he was given the ultimatum to choose between responsibility or creativity. He chose the latter. He has no regrets but he has to make it work. 

Lavi Renatus Hartmann; being called 'freak' since he was young did nothing to his esteem. In fact, it helped him survive in the dog eat dog world. Using his ability as an asset more than a flaw, he is fitting in just fine with the society. Plus, he has 3 other mouths to feed. 

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