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Post  Kaze on Sat Jan 05, 2008 12:11 am

Known as: Gail
Full Name: Gail Tatsuyoru Kazuya (Night Dragon | To be Harmony)
Kanji Name: 竜夜 和也
Age: 22
Nationality: Japanese/American
Spoken Language: Japanese, English, basic German
Height: 185cm; 6'1''
Orientation: Bisexual, but prefers guys
Occupation: Freelance Professional Guitarist/Drummer for hire

Image description:
- Short messy hair, long fringe, with blue streaks
- Blue eyes

- 5 ear piercings on each ear
- 1 nose piercing on left side
- Eyebrow piercing on both sides
- 2 tongue piercings
- tattered & torn Devil wing on left shoulder blade
- initials E.M. on flag banner,supported by black vines and small skulls on nape

Family Background:
- American mother, Japanese father
- Born and raised in America until 5 years old
- Moved to Japan
- Parents died in accident on last year of elementary school
- old couple (Japanese relatives) takes him in, gives him better care than his strict parents
- was supported to pursue his interests (music)
- old couple died on 2nd year of high school
- lives and supports himself through music since then

Misc Info:
- Lover: Amehito Ryuichi aka Rayne
- Seme who loves to give it rough
- Really loves Rayne & loves to tease him
- Friendly, open, charismatic
- A party animal, heavy smoker & drinker
- Can be found at almost every heavy rock/metal music gig
- Was taught german by Addy & ex-girlfriend Lisa
- A rabid fanboy when it only comes to Eternal Midnight (seriously, he squeals in his head over them)

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