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Post  Yami on Sat Jun 02, 2012 1:33 am

Loud music was thumping as usual in one of the busiest clubhouse in town. It was packed with mostly young adults - talking, dancing, drinking and wasting away their night. Up on the second floor of the clubhouse was the VIP floor. Right towards the end of the many rows of tables, sat a quiet group. One you definitely will not miss is a tall guy, skin like porcelain, muscled yet slim body type with a bunch of tied up dreads in streaks of white, pink, blue and purple. Next to him, another tall guy sits. This guy is dark compared to the first one. Not in terms of skin but hair, outfit and aura wise. Then there is one in spectacles with blond hair that covers his protruding ears nicely. He`s quite a looker, those lilac eyes just won`t keep anyone away. Last but not least, a redhead. Slightly tanned with facial piercings.

Gem wrote:Someone just moved in next door
Axe wrote:Said 'hi' yet?
Gem wrote:Nah~ He`s usually home pretty late, like me. When someone comes home that late, they just want to be in bed. You should know that, Axe

Short conversations like that were the group`s thing. Since they get chatted up most of the time, it isn`t really a problem. They even get offered drinks at least 10 times a night so money is never an issue. That`s how they even end up being VIPs in the club.

Gem was just looking around the dance floor when someone grabbed his attention. He tapped Addy`s shoulder and pointed to someone standing by the entrance.

Gem wrote:There! That`s the neighbor, right?

Addy looked across the mass of people and saw a guy with long purplish-gray hair. He nodded and went back to his drink. Ryuu picked up his coat.

Gem wrote:Where you going, Ryuu?
Ryuu wrote:I`ma get 'im fer ya

Ryuu smirked and left. From where they were sitting, they could see the whole show. It did not take long before Ryuu was back at the table with the neighbor next to him. Ryuu just gave Gem a look and then went away again. The neighbor settled himself at the edge of a lounge seat. But it got awkward really fast thanks to the introverted group of people.

Kyou wrote:Umm, I think I should go
Gem wrote:We`re neighbors!

Just then, the music died.

Gem wrote:Sorry. Didn`t mean to shout
Kyou wrote:Haha. It`s okay. I`m Kyou.
Gem wrote:I`m Gem. Nice to meet you, Kyou

Introductions went around but soon, the group fell back to its initial stage. So Gem invited everyone over to his place for some beer and pizza.

Axe wrote:Awesome~! Haven`t been to yours for ages! You`re coming too right, Kyou?
Kyou wrote:Yea, I guess
Addy wrote:I`m going back to the shop
Gem wrote:C`mon, Addy. I don`t get to spend that much time with you anymore
Addy wrote:Shin might need some help. I`ll just go check and maybe will come home early. Maybe with Shin

Addy walks off.

Gem wrote:Tsk! You can`t separate that guy from work
Axe wrote:...or from Shin
Gem wrote:What?
Axe wrote:I said nothing

Gem looked around for Ryuu but it looks like he was not in the club anymore. Gem left a note for Ryuu with the bartender just in case.

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