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Post  Yami on Wed Mar 25, 2009 3:33 am

All his bags were packed and it was so quiet that Ian thought he heard the room breathe along with him. He took one last look at his room and promised himself that he would not look back no matter what.

On the other side of town, a car was ready. Ethan hugged Mum and wished her the best. He kissed Mum one last time and got into the car which was going to bring him to a whole new world he never thought he would have to face.

Although Ethan and Ian were twins, they did not grew up together. Mum and Dad split up even before Mum knew she was pregnant. Having to deal with a child was a problem for Mum during that time, what more two. Mum had no choice but to leave the elder brother in Dad's custody.

15 years later, something big happened. One of the richest man in their country, who also happen to be the twin's grandfather passed away. A lawyer confirmed later on that he left his billion dollar manor to his grandsons. Not to mention a fortune and scholarships for them till they graduate university.

Mum and Dad discussed and decided that it would be the best timing for the twins to get to know each other before they became adults. On Christmas the same year their grandfather died, Ethan and Ian arrived safely at the manor. They greeted each other with a brief handshake and a 10 second conversation before heading out to do their own things. By the time they got back, it was already dark. The dining table was set with food from one end to another to celebrate the festive season.

The twins could not even hold a decent conversation so they agreed that it would be better to just eat up and go to bed. Other than the clanking of their cutlery, there was no other noise. The butler hardly ever spoke unless questioned and the housemaids spoke in hushed voices. The manor was indeed far too big for them.

Ethan walked up the stairs leading to their bedroom with Ian just right behind him. They said goodnight and went to their own rooms.

The moment Ian closed the door behind him, he could not wait to strip just down to his shorts. Just then, there was a knock on his door.

"Who is it?"
"It's me. Ethan here," said the voice on the other side.
"Come in."

Ethan got in and left the door slightly ajar. He sat on Ian's bed and looked up at him. That was when Ian started to undress and Ethan thought that he should excuse himself.

"Hey, don't be embarrassed. Treat it like you're just looking in the mirror ya?"
"Except I'm not," Ethan was slightly flushed.
"So," Ian cleared his throat "What's up, baby brother?" He said casually while he took off his pants.
Ethan looked away, "In case you didn't know, I was born just 3 minutes after you. That doesn't make you much older than I am."
"Alright, Einstein. What is it you really wanted to tell me?"
"Well," Ethan began "Merry Christmas, brother."
"Oh... Yea, same to you, brother."
"Okay, I'll just go now."

Ethan was about to leave when Ian stopped him. Ian wrapped his arms around Ethan's shoulders.

"Sorry, Ethan. I just wanted to know how it would feel hugging a family member."
"Didn't Dad ever hugged you?"
"It's late, we should get some rest. I'll see you tomorrow first thing in the morning," Ian offered a smile and patted Ethan's head.


He put on his jacket and turned to face the mirror.

"You look good," a voice behind him complimented.

He peered through the mirror and spoke to the reflection behind him.

"You too. You look just like me, Ethan," he smirked.
"Of course I do, Ian. Where do you think I got my good looks from? Mum and Dad?"

They both chuckled at Ethan's last comment and headed down to the dining hall for breakfast, arm in arm.

"Masters," the butler lowered his head slightly as the twins made their appearance.

They ate their breakfast without much being said. They thanked their butler and housemaids for everything and prepared to leave for college. When they each got into their own cars, Ian winded down his window and called out to his brother to do the same.

"Drive safely 'cause I want to see you when I get home"
"I know, Ian."


It took them more than just a couple of weeks or months to warm up to each other. In fact, it took them approximately 2 years to actually learn each others' interest. And because they were still in the process of getting to know each other, they would frequently have arguments. For example, a time when Ethan blew his top and got unreasonable;

"Why didn't you come and visit me and Mum?"
"Dad wouldn't tell me where you guys were."
"What a lame excuse, Ian. You could have looked us up in the Yellowpages or something."
"I would have if I could, Ethan. You have no idea how much I wanted to see Mum and especially you."
"What stopped you then?!" Ethan banged the table in front of him.
"I'm sorry. I just didn't know what was the right thing to do at that time."
"Could you get a hold of yourself? Look, I'm not asking you to forgive me. I'm asking you to at least acknowledge my pain for
any hurt I might have caused you or Mum. After that, I'll decide if I can forgive myself or not, alright?" Ian gritted his teeth.

Many other similar arguments would arise and the whole manor would shake in their rage. But they would make up at the end of the day;

"I love you."
"I know. Why wouldn't you, right?"

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Ethan & Ian Empty Two Peas in a Pod + Differences

Post  Yami on Sun Apr 05, 2009 2:23 am

The sunlight was pouring through the gap between the curtains. Ethan shuffled in bed and felt something next to him. He rubbed his eyes and sat up.

"Good morning, brother," Ian was smiling with his eyes half-closed.
"What are you doing in my room? In my bed?!"
"I told you that I want to see you first thing in the morning, didn't I?"
"That's nice, Ian. But I need my privacy. So, please leave," Ethan pulled the blanket from Ian.

Ian got up and kissed Ethan on the forehead.

"See you,"

From that day, Ian kept appearing in Ethan's bed every morning. Ethan was not comfortable with it so he decided to find another room to sleep in. He woke up the next morning relieved and pleased to find no one but himself in the room. He got dressed and went to the dining hall for breakfast. But when he got there, only his portion was on the table.

"Edward," he looked at the butler.
"Master Ethan has left for school," Edward bowed and excused himself.

Ethan thought nothing of it at first but the consecutive days, he did not even see Ian. Not in the halls in school nor at home. Ethan got a little worried and decided to leave Ian a note.

"Haven't seen you in a while.
-Ethan Mortimer"

That night, Ethan got a reply from Ian;


"What?! That's it???" Ethan thought it was a pretty rude reply especially after his concern.

The next day, Ethan made plans to wake up earlier than usual to catch Ian before he leaves for school. He even requested Edward to wake him up in case he misses his alarm. But he could not sleep that night. He kept tossing and turning in bed. He gave up an hour before the alarm rang. He got dressed and was ready when Edward came to his room.

"Where's Ian?"
"He is still asleep, Master"
"Good! I'll go wake him up right now"
"But Master," Edward did not have time to complete his sentence.

Ethan stormed down the hallway.

"Ian~!" Ethan bellowed. "IAN LOWELL, wake up!!!"

The door to Ian's room flung open. Ethan was greeted by a strong sourish odour. He located the bed and saw a figure hidden beneath the blanket. He took a few steps towards the bed and realised that the smell was coming from that direction.

"Edward?" Ian spoke in a small, hushed voice. "I'm really sorry but I threw up on my bed again."

Ethan was waiting for Ian to sit up but he did not even stir.

"Edward? Are you angry that you need to change my bedsheets for the trillionth time?"
"It's not Edward, Ian," Ethan approached the bed, ignoring the smell.
"Ethan? What are you doing here? Fuck off!" There was a tremble to Ian's voice.

Ethan tried to pull the blanket away but Ian held on tight. When Ethan finally managed to pull off the blanket, he was shocked to see how bad Ian looked.

"My God, Ian. What happened?"
"Tsk... My pneumonia friend decided to visit"
"How long have you been like this?"
"Since I was a baby, I believe"
"No. I meant, how long have you been sick, staying in bed and me not knowing?"
"Hmmm... Let's see, two weeks?"

Ethan counted in his head. Two weeks ago would mean that Ian got sick around the time he switched to another room.

"Why didn't you tell me, Ian?"
"Why should I? So you could pity me or so you could prove to me how good a brother you are?"
"Gosh, Ian! We could have gotten a doctor to check you up or something"
"Hah! Doctors can't do much, brother. Besides, Edward's hospitality is enough"

Ethan was pissed off at how stubborn Ian was despite his condition. Ethan left for school that day without breakfast. But even if he tried convincing himself that Ian was not worth his concern, he still could not forget the image of Ian. Ian's sunken cheeks, dark circles around his eyes and chapped lips. His conscience got the best of him. He skipped Rugby practice to go home and check on Ian's condition.

But when he got to Ian's room, no one was there. The bedsheets had been changed and there were no more smell. He looked for Edward but Edward was not around either. He questioned one of the maids but she did not seem to know anything too besides noticing a helicopter ambulance landing on the roof after he left for school. Ethan called Edward on his cellphone;

"Yes, Master"
"Where are you?"
"I am afraid I can not tell you upon Master Ian's request"
"Edward! I'm worried sick"
"I'm sorry, Master"
"You ought to be sorry, Edward"

Ethan hung up. He was furious that he was shut out of a problem he has the right to know about. He called all the housemaids and made them call all the hospitals on the island to look for Ian.

After about 3 hours of unfruitful search, Ethan decided to try his luck on his last hope.

"I'm looking for Ian Lowell. I was hoping you'd know his whereabouts"
"Hang on. Aren't you calling from the Mortimer Manor? Why don't you know where Ian is?"
"If I knew, Dad, I wouldn't be calling you"
"God, Dad! Yes, Ethan!"
"Why isn't Ian there?"
"That's what I want to know. My guess is he's probably admitted to some hospital but I don't have a clue which"
"Oh... He should be at the hospital in Darwin"
"What the...?! Why all the way there? Never mind. Thanks, Dad"

Ethan made a couple of calls and was soon on his way to Darwin. As soon as he got there, it took him less than an hour to locate Ian.


"I'm sorry, sir. Visiting hours are over. You will have to come back again tomorrow"
"I'm a relative"
"Sorry, sir..."
"I'm his brother!"
"But, your name..."
"I know we don't have the same last name but we're definitely brothers"
"Sir, I'm really..."
"Damnit, woman! Just bring me to his room and you can tell right away that we're related!"

The nurse did not prod any further and asked Ethan to follow her. The corridors were very quiet since it was already past 10pm. The nurse stopped outside room 41D at the Special Care Ward. On the door was Ian's name. She clicked open the door and let Ethan in.

"Oh my..." The nurse gasped.
"I told you he's my brother"
"I... I couldn't tell how Ian would look..." her voice drifted as Ian was awoken by their conversation. "Excuse me"

Who could have tell how Ian looked beneath all those wires and tubes attached to him. Ethan went over to sit next to Ian on the bed and held on to Ian's hands firmly. Ethan leaned closer to Ian's face,

"Promise me, we will never be apart again"

Ian could not talk so he only nodded as a sign of agreement.

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