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Post  Yami on Wed Mar 11, 2009 4:49 pm

Like a Star @ heaven There`ll be plenty of cursing, swearing, fluff and smut ... since it was during the good times.

Meals would usually be just bread, milk and cigarettes. They did not complain and they were actually pretty happy with how they lived. The studio apartment which is hardly furnished at all by Ryuu - who could only afford bread, milk and cigarettes - was a fairly decent place. Fluorescent lighting, a bed with no sheets but just a blanket, a coffee table, a fridge and a washing machine. Besides, what more would 2 men need?

Most of the time, Ryuu would be by the window. Staring out, smoking cigarettes and once in a while would have booze. Gem would then stare at Ryuu from the bed and wondered how the hell Ryuu managed to keep such a luxurious place, a little food and cartons of cigarette without working.

Well, Gem came to a conclusion that Ryuu did not work since most of the time he was at home. The only time he leaves is at night and some times does not even come home for about a week tops. Gem could not think of any job that could probably fit with Ryuu's lifestyle. But Ryuu's lifestyle definitely suited his liking.

Gem was found by Ryuu at a street corner where he stood, shivering through his bones. Gem just turned 10 when Ryuu happen to walk pass and saw him. Ryuu is not really the type anyone can trust but Gem saw something in him.


"I'm gonna be fucking late for school if I don't find my student pass right now. Help me, Ryuu!"

Ryuu did not even budge. He took a long drag from his cigarette and gave a slow sigh.

"Ryuu~!" Gem tossed a pillow to Ryuu's direction.
"What the...! Fuck it. I'm not going to school"
"It's under the coffee table next to the purple ashtray, you useless shit."
"Fuck you"
"Sure, tonight"

Gem swung his bag over his shoulders and was out the door in a split second. He really is a hardworking student. He is gifted with the talents of Micheal Angelo and that actually helped him in a getting a scholarship for his current school. So that is one thing off Ryuu's mind, not that he has anything in his mind except for sex and cigarettes.

Later that night, something else was on the table instead of bread.

"What's this?"
"I know, shithead" Gem removes the packaging "Cakes?"
"What are we celebrating?"
"This day, 5 years ago, I found you"

Gem went silent, staring at the miniature cakes in front of him. Ryuu got behind him and slid his arms around Gem's waist. Ryuu whispered in Gem's ear;

"What mattered was what happened after I met you. Don't think of anything before that"

He kissed the side of Gem's neck. Gem lifted his left hand and touched Ryuu's cheek. They were so cold Gem flinched the moment he came in contact with it.

"I want you, Gem"

Moving his hands inside Gem's sweater. Gem turned around to face Ryuu. They kissed for a good minute before Gem pulled away.

"Not tonight, Ryuu"
"I thought you were going to fuck me tonight?!" Ryuu was almost shouting.
"Well, sorry. I don't feel like it"
"You wasted my fucking time, kid"

With that, Ryuu was out the door and Gem knew he won't be seeing Ryuu for a couple of days.


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When It Was Good :: Ryuu x Gem Empty Re: When It Was Good :: Ryuu x Gem

Post  Yami on Tue May 20, 2014 6:02 pm

When he looked across the table, memories flashed before his eyes. It felt like it was just yesterday that they met.

"Why ye starin' et me?"

Gem shook his head slowly, a weak smile splayed across his face.

"I told ye before, din I?"

He looked up and met Ryuu's eyes.

"I told ye, I am not capable of emotions. But ye still chose me, ye still fel in love wit me. Is dis my fault?"

Ryuu stood. Gem shook his head again, a little faster this time. He was trying to fight back the tears that were threatening to fall. He hadn't realize that Ryuu was already standing behind him. Ryuu placed his hand on Gem's nape, massaging it gently, trying to calm him down.

"Yerr always like dis"
"I know. I'm sorry," Gem was choking on his words.

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