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Post  Yami on Tue Oct 14, 2008 3:11 am

Name: Jeremy Tomas Edelstein
Nickname: Gem
Age: 19
Height: He will never tell anyone and he will never let anyone measure him [but he`s about 190+]
Weight: Unknown
Occupation: Student / Part-time Animator, Art Store Attendant & Hair Stylist


  • Pessimistic
  • Heavy smoker & drinker
  • Loves going to gigs with his buddies
  • Foul-mouthed
  • Sweet only when he`s alone with the other party
  • Thinks that everything is wrong
  • A real gentleman when with females
  • Doesn`t tell anyone about his problems
  • Doesn`t practice what he preach
  • Hates the sun [sensitive to light]


  • Had a family
  • Loving mother, alcoholic father
  • Mother died because of cancer
  • Father became worse
  • Ran away from home at aged 10
  • His dream when he was younger was to get married and be a good father to his children
  • His relationships always doesn`t last because he thinks that the girls deserve someone better than himself
  • Even if he hated his father, he would still visit his father once every week until one day his father died
  • Goes to an art & music school
  • Mother is ˝ Japanese, ˝ English
  • Father is ˝ German, ˝ English


  • Albino
  • Streaks his hair with pink & blue
  • Wear plain emo tees or band tees
  • Always in black skinny jeans
  • Wears either highcut Converse snickers or boots
  • Wears a necklace that has his Mother`s wedding ring and his Father`s dogtag


  • Corset piercing on his upper back
  • Left nipple piercing
  • Navel piercing [Because of Ryuu]
  • 2 on right eyebrow
  • Venom bite on lower right lip
  • 3 on tongue
  • Gauged with ring and 4 others on right ear
  • 3 lobe, 2 helix and 1 tragus
  • Heartogram tattoo on index finger on right hand [Tora fanboy]
  • Barcode tattoo on top left wrist
  • “Edelstein” tattoo along his back waistline

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